Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Breaking Up is Hard to Do.


 Poor Henry. We've had a rough couple weeks trying to figure out how to best "fix" his reflux problem. I wasn't able to nurse Ady, so our difficulty laid in finding a formula that best worked for her. This time around, I almost lose my life, yet am able to nurse a premature baby with virtually every odd stacked against him to even be able to suck. He came out ready to eat :) God is good. If I'm going to "go out" on a good note with my last biological child, I am so thankful I was able to experience the beautiful part of nursing Henry for a full 6 weeks. It was not a pleasant experience with Ady. And while there have been many bumps in the road this time, I am so thankful that the Lord allowed me to experience this unexplainable bond with my son. 

Several weeks ago we switched Henry from the Zantac to the Prevacid and saw an improvement, but still not enough to keep me satisfied. He would still have moments of arching his back so far in my arms, you'd think he'd jump right out of your arms. I began to think that maybe I was the issue. Ady had a sensitivity to the protein found in cow's milk, so she was on what the doctor called "liquid gold", Nutramigen. I started Henry on that over a week ago and pumped so my supply would not diminish. However, my body does not naturally produce enough. After three rounds of medicines (and one I'm on permanently) to keep it at bay, I"m just barely scraping by making enough. I thought I immediately noticed a difference , but then begged the question.....was he just hungry some of this time? If he was downing almost 4 oz bottles and at best I could make 2.5, maybe the baby was starving on top of being in pain? Yet many times he would scream and scream and when he was picked up, he'd burp. So I know that wasn't the only thing. Earlier this week he was still spitting fountains (just on straight formula). So the doctor wanted me to add cereal to his bottle. At first I saw no difference, but after increasing the amount I feel like I see one now. I was all out of formula for our visit today so I gave him two bottles of breastmilk with the cereal in it. He's had a couple painful burps. Which begs the other question. Is the issue the dairy in my diet? 

The doctor really sat the fence on this one today. Because he is a preemie, she wants him to be on breastmilk, yet if it's me that is the problem, then he needs to be on the formula. I can not nurse him because he needs to have thickened feedings, so I will have to pump in place of that bottle. If the walls in my home could talk, you'd see how virtually impossible it is for me to find one additional second to find time to pump on top of an overly busy 2 year old (who no longer naps), and a 7 week old who needs to be held a lot of the day. So the choice was up to me. I sit the fence. I really do. I'm not one of those "over the top" breastfed moms and quite frankly I can't stand them. I can't tell you how many times I've heard "breastfeeding makes them smart." Let me tell y'all something. Ady got my milk for  2 1/2 weeks. She now speaks in complete sentences, can count to 12, can sing just about any children's song out there, can spell her name, can tell you her address, the list goes on and on. So, I'm not buying that. Maybe it's best, fine. But don't judge those moms who can't or who just don't want to. I just think it's really offensive for anyone to pressure a mother into doing something that just may not be best for her family. Can o' worms closed :) 

On another note, my life is W-I-L-D. Yesterday I was at my OB's office for THREE hours. Picture it. 2 hours in the waiting room. Walking around the room shh-ing Henry, giving him a bottle, rocking him. Ady with every creature and toy known to man handing to me every 5 seconds, then asking for them back. Then entertaining the entire waiting room. Every time the door opened she'd say, "Mommy's ready!" Hilarious. :) Then, I get back to the room and have nothing but a gown on. One of the nurses held Henry. Ady wanted to stay with me. Then, she  wants to be with Henry. So I walk her out. Then 5 minutes later, back with mommy. Then, "I want a blue sucker". Back out front. Then back to me. By the time 30 minutes lapsed the doctor was finally in there and a nurse tried to shun Ady from being traumatized by seeing anything at my visit. I had the Mirena IUD inserted in an attempt to ward off surgery for 5 years and keep me from not conceiving. As I'm laying there having this procedure (and I'm giving specifics so all you moms out there can just keep laughing), she's handing me her red sucker "Here mommy! Here! You hold it." Then "Here's white bear, mommy!" Oh, "Mommy! Hold my picture. Like it? See mommy? See?" Dr Karon said, "Boy, she's high maintanence isn't she?" Haha. Well, I suppose the apple doesn't fall far from the tree now, does it? :) 

Today we spent TWO hours in the doctor's office with Henry. It's funny that I thought my hands were full with one. Seriously, hilarious. Ady has gotten busier with each passing day and it makes juggling more challenging, but I"m getting there! And SO proud of myself :) My house might be in shambles (literally), but I'm learning how to do this. 

So.....Henry's big boy stats at (almost) 8 weeks (this Friday!):

Weight: 8 lb 12 oz. He's in the 6%ile. The formula is really the only way the poor baby has put on pounds. Still in newborn clothes and some preemie pants. I expect him in newborn a while longer. Ady was 4 months before she went to 0-3. 

Height: 21 1/4 inches. 5%ile

Head: 37 cm 7%ile. 

Development: He smiles and smiles (has been for about 2 weeks in response to hearing your voice or seeing your face).

He coos and is the best little snuggle bug out there. He takes MAM paci's (0+) and the little Wubbanub dinosaur paci he holds onto SO sweetly.


Love those. I want to get him more of those.He has amazing neck support, but seriously has since birth. He's very strong.

Sleep: Maybe this should be a question mark. :) Still eating every 2 hours, sometimes 3. This includes nights. But, soon when he's not so teeny I bet he'll go longer :) 

He loves to be "worn" all day. It's how momma is  functioning! It's amazing all I can do with my little Joey in my pouch :) :) 

Overall? Teeny boy :) But such a fighter.

Thank you for praying for him, me, Ady, and Joseph. We'll get this figured out and look back on it and laugh. I'm so thankful for this blog. I documented everything of Ady and it was a help to me now for me to go back to and see how (crazy I was!) I handled everything specifically with her. 

We love all y'all. And I love being a mommy :)

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Lindsey on November 7, 2012 at 5:17 PM said...

I'm sure you don't remember me (we met once when you were in highschool), but I've followed your sweet blog for awhile now. I too have had many of the same struggles as you from endometriosis to struggling with breastfeeding. Congrats on your 2 little miracles.

I can sometimes come across as a breastfeeding snob so I'll do my best not to lol. But I do understand what you're going through. I was unable to nurse my 2yo past 4m for a variety of reasons & am miraculously currently nursing my 7m old who was also a preemie. I'm also a healthcare professional so I understand he importance of nursing a preemie as long as possible. Have you sought the advice of a lactation consulatant? I can recommend a few great ones I. Louisville! With my son I had to eliminate dairy for a short while...It's not as hard as it seems (& I'm an addict lol). Also, you will never be able to pump as much as your sweet boy can suckle out himself. He's far more efficient than any machine thanks to God's grand design! So that is not an accurate measurement of your supply. The following is a fantastic blog entry (I can't speak for the rest of this blog, just this entry) that helped me greatly:

If you ever need some advice, just to vent or more info I would be happy to talk to you! Feel free to email me if you need/want to:

BTW, I'm Jamie Corey's sister...That's how we met once lol. Good luck to you either way :)

Lindsey on November 20, 2012 at 9:27 PM said...

Hey! I've nominated you for a Liebster Award...See my latest series of posts for all the details. I hope you can participate :)

* Thais Peiffer * on June 15, 2013 at 4:41 AM said...

wondering if everything is ok, you haven't posted in a very long while :(

Rebekah Bischoff on September 15, 2013 at 6:22 AM said...

I'm so sorry!!! Just seeing this. Yes all is well. Just no time to blog. I need to start again :) so kind of you to check in :)

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